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ISO 50001:2018 is published

Posted: Friday 24 August 2018

Electric MeterThe new version of ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management, has been published this week. This new version is in line with other management systems standards for environmental management, health and safety, and quality management, allowing greater integration of energy with business strategy and operations.

ISO 50001:2018 provides a framework for managing energy performance and addressing energy costs, while helping companies reduce their environmental impact to meet emissions reduction targets.

Also aligned are a stronger emphasis on the responsibility of leadership, competency of workers, clarification of key concepts related to energy performance, improved sections on data collection and normalisation, and other technical revisions reflecting learnings from seven years of using the standard in the real world.

To keep your ISO 50001 certificate valid, companies have 3 years to transition to the new standard.  The previous version will no longer exist from August 2021.

Whether you are just starting out on your ISO 50001 journey, perhaps due to ESOS compliance, or thinking about transitioning to the 2018 version, Mabbett are here to support you. Click here for more information on our ISO 50001 consultancy services.

To discuss how we can assist with your ISO 50001 EnMS, please contact Andy Lee - Director, Engineering and ESOS Lead Assessor on 0141 227 2300 or at

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