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Snow room for error - Mabbett provides health & safety support in Norway

Posted: Wednesday 22 November 2017

While our Mechanical & Electrical Engineering team were sunning themselves with a project in the Caribbean, the Mabbett Health & Safety team braved the cold recently and travelled over to Norway, to provide occupational hygiene support at a client’s site.Snow in Norway

Activities carried out at the site include manufacturing of products for scientific use. Recognising the potential health effects associated with workers’ exposure during this process, and to comply with health & safety legislation, support was requested from Mabbett to carry out occupational hygiene and atmospheric emissions monitoring. 

The work undertaken by Mabbett ensured the site maintained compliance and safe working conditions for its staff. We look forward to continuing to support our client with their Health & Safety requirements, both in the U.K. and internationally.

Looking for health and safety support?  Please contact Omar Khalid, Manager, Health and Safety in the first instance via email at: or via phone on 0141 227 2326 to discuss your health & safety requirements.

Cold Day in Norway

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