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Save Money – Use Resources Efficiently

Posted: Friday 24 January 2014

“Save Money – Use Resources Efficiently” was the title of today’s launch event hosted by Invest NI. This event was to publicise new Best PracticeRecycling Guides aimed at assisting businesses to become more resource efficient by addressing water efficiency, packaging management and waste.

The three external speakers for the event were all Mabbett professionals, each presenting on their specialist area; Derek J. McNab on water, Geraldine Boylan on waste, and Robert Duncan on packaging.

Through providing step-by-step guidance and good practice tools and techniques, the presenters informed and inspired ~50 Northern Irish Food and Drink company delegates. It was noted that through improving resource efficiency, several benefits can be realised: money saving, reducing carbon footprint, preserving natural resources for future generations and becoming a green supplier.

Mabbett continues to help individuals and companies become more sustainable – we believe that assisting others to tackle resource efficiency will allow us to play a role in enhancing the long-term sustainability of the sector.

Please see NI Business Info for free downloadable copies of the Good Practice Guides appearing in the next few weeks.

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