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Hazard Analysis Studies (HAZAN)

Following initial hazard/risk identification, Mabbett can support with a range of analytical techniques to assess in greater detail the likelihood and consequence of risk, to include event tree analysis, fault tree analysis, bow-tie analysis studies as appropriate.

Mabbett can offer a range of studies to assess potential consequences of process releases including: Smoke and Gas Dispersion Analysis, Fire and Explosion Hazard Analysis, as well as identifying potential consequences of other major hazards including: Non-Process Fire Analysis, Transportation Hazard Analysis, Ship Impact Assessment, Dropped Load Assessment.


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To discuss any of the above or any other Process Safety requirements that you may have, please contact:

Paul Young (CEng, MIChemE), Manager, Process Safety. 0141 227 2311;

Keighley Ziolkowski (BEng, MSc, AMIChemE), Senior Engineer, Process Safety. 0141 227 2329;