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EMF - Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW)

Are you at risk? Are you putting others at risk?

Where workplaces contain medium and high EMF emitting equipment, employers must carry out an EMF risk assessment as the mandatory limits on exposure to EMF are now in place*.

The danger of EMF exposure

EMF should not be dealt with lightly. The health effects from EMF exposure can include nerve stimulation on the central and peripheral nervous system of the body, such as muscle contraction and heart arrhythmia. In the worst case, EMF can cause cardiac pacemakers to malfunction, resulting in fatality.

High Risk Activities and Equipment:

  • Radio and telecoms broadcast and receiver masts.
  • Any electrical circuit carrying >100A.
  • Dielectric heating and welding.
  • Resistance welding.
  • Induction heating.
  • Non-destructive testing – magnetic particle inspection (MPI), magnetiser/ demagnetiser.
  • Microwave heating and drying.
  • Plasma devices.
  • Furnaces, arc and induction melting.
  • MRI equipment.
  • Electrically powered trains.
  • Radar/ air traffic control.

How do I control the risk?

In the first instance, via completion of an EMF assessment using an isotropic probe to measure EMF exposure. This specialised equipment measures EMF emissions across all frequencies and has a sensitivity appropriate for the current safety guidelines and action levels stipulated within CEMFAW*.

 Mabbett Service - EMF Risk Assessment & Report:

  • An EMF Risk Assessment, to measure results against the CEMFAW Action Levels;
  • Overall appraisal of the site’s status against CEMFAW;
  • Preparation of an action plan, to improve compliance with CEMFAW 2016; and
  • Any other relevant recommendations to further reduce EMF exposure risks (i.e. the use of signs, restricted areas, equipment shielding, etc.).

Mabbett Service - EMF Training

  • Bespoke on-site EMF awareness training, to assist with the findings of the risk assessment.

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For more information about EMF and how your site might be affected, please contact our Process Safety Specialists:

Paul Young (CEng, MIChemE), Manager, Process Safety. 0141 227 2311;

Keighley Ziolkowski (BEng, MSc, AMIChemE), Senior Engineer, Process Safety. 0141 227 2329;


*Control of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW)