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Consequence Modelling

Mabbett can offer a range of modelling solutions to assess potential consequences of process releases, including:

  • Pool Fires,
  • Jet Fires, 
  • Flash Fires,
  • Vapour Cloud Explosion (VCE),
  • Smoke and Toxic Gas Dispersion,

Mabbett is experienced in using either empirical calculations or the latest industry software, such as PHAST (DNV), ADMS (CERC), etc., depending on the nature of the scenario.

Consequence modelling can be used to inform:

  • COMAH Safety Reports,
  • Offsite impact analysis,
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP),
  • Site layout and design - Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA)


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To discuss any of the above or any other Process Safety requirements that you may have, please contact:

Paul Young (CEng, MIChemE), Manager, Process Safety. 0141 227 2311;

Keighley Ziolkowski (BEng, MSc, AMIChemE), Senior Engineer, Process Safety. 0141 227 2329;